VR + Visualisation

At Niceberg studios we transform your brand,

Casinosnobrasil product or campaign

in an exhilarating immersive experience! 
With Virtual Reality and 360° stereoscopic experiences being our core business, 
we can handle any audiovisual project! 



From high quality 3D videos to 360° VR, as your creative partner we create stunning visuals that will boost any campaign.

We create (immersive) brand experiences


Get your message across with in the most creative way possible!
Out-of-the-box is our personal mantra.


#Marketing #Branding #Products 


We visualise your idea


The best way to immerse your clients in a new concept or
idea is a stunning visualisation.


#Architecture #ProductDesign #ConceptCreation


We turn fantasy into reality


A touch of humour, a pinch of awesome graphics and a click of genius:
We have all the ingredients to let your campaign go viral!


#Infomercial #Awareness #Campaigns


We tell your story


The easiest way to learn something is by the use of a good story. 
We make complex material understandable.  


#Educate #Didactics #Explanatory