Toy Ride

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Toy Ride

Match yourself against Turbo Ted, the unbeaten champion in toy car racing! Will you be able to beat him on our spectacular handcrafted track in this awesome 4D race? Watch out as he is not the most fair racer and certainly don't expect him to go easy on you!

Let the race begin!

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Technical Specs


Short: 5 min. 17 sec.
Long: 8 min. 47 sec.


2D / 3D / 30 fps
Up to 2K / 16:9


Stereo / Dolby
5.1 Surround


Adventure / Action

Target audience

Young Adult

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  • Bubble

  • Fog

  • Motion

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  • Scent

  • Snow

  • Splash

  • Strobe

  • Wind