Ride Simulation | 5D Film



Join your crew, one of the finest fighter pilot teams in the world.. However, to prove your team is the best, you must succesfully complete the main event: Destroy the drone before it destroys you!
Suit up for a thrilling ride through the deep valleys, dark caves and steep slopes of the South Rim.

The soundscape and music of this XD theatre film is recorded in 11.1 channels, a unique immersive sound experience. Contact us for technical information on playback requirements. 

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Technical Specs


4 min. 57 sec.


2D / 3D / 24 fps
Up to 2K / 16:9


Stereo / Dolby
5.1 Surround / 11.1 auro-3D


Adventure / Horror

Target audience

Young Adult

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Available for


  • Fog

  • Motion

  • Scent

  • Strobe

  • Wind