Our Story

Niceberg is a fully integrated animation studio. We combine producing and distributing of immersive VR films for motion based media platforms.

These platforms or motion theatres are in the entertainment industry commonly known under two major categories:
- 4D / 5D / XD simulators were you can experience a thrilling ride with heavy seat movements following the action of a 3D film.
- 5D effect theatres, enjoying an immersive story of a 3D film with a lot of “in theatre effects” such as wind, rain, fog, smoke, spray and many others.

Over the past five years we established a solid track record of “experiences” perfectly adapted for 5D theatres and simulators in theme parks, science centres and FEC’s.

These experiences are entirely in-house productions, developed, financed and produced by Niceberg.

Niceberg Distribution makes our films available to the market under the most competitive conditions. From all continents, operators and theatre owners contact us for 3D film licenses out of our catalogue. To make sure that we meet our clients wishes, Niceberg Distribution closely monitors the market adding original content to our catalogue from high level production studios that trust our competence in distribution.

We are on top of the technical race for the ultimate immersive experience. Niceberg is following up on any evolution in our high tech market. We developed new rendering and mastering tools in a joint innovation project with the University EDM Expertise Centre for Digital Media.

Based on these innovations new releases of Niceberg are future proof mastered at 8K pixel resolution. We now have access to easy and flexible solutions to distribute our content to any “new” kind of screen format, 3D dome masters, 3D 360° panoramic screens and even full spherical stereoscopic VR.

Immerse yourself in our latest productions and enjoy the ultimate experience!